Honoring Cynthia Cobb

WBE honors Cynthia Cobb at the Lake County Women’s Coalition 2023 Women’s History Month Celebration

Celebrating “Women Who Tell Our Stories”

Cynthia Cobb made her dream a reality in early 2020 when she started a podcast called Storytime Anytime 4U. She narrates children’s books after gaining approval from the authors. The podcast provides children’s stories at any time. From classic tales and poems to original works, children can expand their world through the magic of books.

That is a great opportunity for parents to have children listen and follow along in the books, which also helps children learning to read. Storytime Anytime 4U in 2022 reached 10,000 downloads. This is such a wonderful accomplishment!!

Cynthia is a very driven woman, and one podcast wasn’t enough for her. She also started a podcast in early 2022 called TV is My Happy Place (with a secondary title “A TV Enthusiast’s Memoir”). She considers this podcast her love letter to TV. This podcast has been a source of joy, a relationship-builder and small-talk starter (especially helpful for an introvert such as she). Cynthia felt a calling to share her perspectives about TV to give something positive to listeners.

The podcasts are works in progress. She hopes to add musical intros and will likely start using different sign-offs for 2023. Women’s Business Exchange is so very proud to nominate one of their own members as an honoree this year.

Here is one example from each podcast:

A Girl Like You – https://www.buzzsprout.com/874741/6794674 (Storytime Anytime 4U)

2022 Oscar Love – https://www.buzzsprout.com/1881120/10405627 (TV is My Happy Place)